Fill your Apple iPad with ebooks

The iPad really changed the world of tablets, becoming the first popular, mass market tablet device. You can watch movies, browse the web or even listen to music. But many people use it to read ebooks. But something many noticed is that ebooks are pretty expensive, even though they don’t need to be printed, stored or shipped. Publishers charge almost as much as a real book. But thanks to a new system, iPad ebooks can be cheaper, and you can fill your iPad with ebooks without any extra charge.

The fact is that publishers are companies, and companies are greedy. If they can charge a lot for a digital file, they will. This is why they keep charging so much for ebooks, despite the fact that it doesn’t cost them much at all. Consumers are used to paying a lot of money for books, so the companies keep charging, even if the economics changed. But many other fields found better ways to deal with the digital revolution. With things like Netflix and Spotify, for example, you have unlimited access to movies and music, where you pay a single fee and can get access to their whole collection. For books however, this didn’t use to be possible, but a new service now makes this available to you as well. For just $39.99, you can have access to the large collection of iPad ebooks, over 40,000 in total, all of that for free. These are high quality, legal titles, from some of the most famous authors in history. They cover every genre from fiction to non-fiction, and horror, fantasy, romance, and more. Thanks to this new model, you can now consume as much as you want, without paying more.

But now the offer is even better, thanks to the current sale. For only $20, you can get access to this whole collection, and get all of these great ebooks on your iPad tablet for free! This is the best deal you can get anywhere, and certainly much better than what any of the publishers offer. You won’t find books at a lower price, and you’re sure to be paying much less than what you currently pay, whether you buy from Apple or Amazon. Even if you read in a casual way, for the price of a single ebook, you can have access to the whole selection, and read as much as you want, thanks to this new service. Your account setup is easy as well, and downloading the ebooks you want is straight forward. You simply download whichever title you need, without having to open your wallet. It’s a great way to save, and have more cash left over for other types of activities.

So why would you wait? At $20, this is the same price as a single ebook. Instead of buying your next one directly from Apple, get your iPad ebooks from this service, and you won’t have to pay for any other book ever again. It’s all cheap, easy, and simple enough for all to enjoy. Simply download the ebooks you want to read, and send it to your iPad. It’s the new way to read.

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Author: সালমান সোহাগ