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With e-cigarette, you can smoke freely without being worried about the health of your loved ones that second hand smoke will pass on to them. An E-cigarette is a safe and clean smoking alternative. However, if you smoke this e-cig as you should, you will be run out of cartridges soon because most of the starter kits have only a few week’s refill supply. We are a number one supplier of electronic cigarette cartridges refills. From our large range of products, we can provide you with right type of e-cig cartridges that fit perfectly.

Thanks to these e-cigarette and e-cigarette cartridges that you will be free from any tobacco smell on clothes, hair, furnishing or car. These smokeless e-cigarettes are like traditional cigarettes in look but these are smokeless. These cigarettes feel and taste like a normal tobacco cigarette but without any harmful effects. They do not contain substances like tar and carbon monoxide. With these cigarettes, you are free to smoke at places like shopping centers, restaurant, and nightclub or even in movie theatres. You can enjoy these cigarettes comfortably at places where traditional cigarette is prohibited. E-cigarette is comprised of three main components; the cartridge on the top, the atomizer in the middle and the battery at the bottom. E-cigarette cartridge is available in a whistle-shaped, tapered or rounded shape. In a traditional cigarette, filter is the counterpart of cartridge.

What makes an electronic cigarette cartridge?
In an e-cig cartridge, there is a piece of absorbent lint-type fabric that acts as cartridge filler and is filled with e-liquid. This liquid is dried up gradually over the period of time. When it is exhausted, you can either opt for another pre-filled e-cig cart or opt for re-cycle it by refilling the e-liquid. We recommend that before you refill the e-cig cartridge, you should look at a few important things.
Type of E-cigarette Cartridges
When you are looking for e-cig cartridges for your e-cig and if you want to change the brand, make sure that it is compatible. However, original company will never tell you to switch brands (for obvious reasons). Cartridges from most of other brands fit. You can browse through this website to get useful information.

How it tastes like!
If you have been regularly smoking traditional cigarette, you might love the smell and flavor of menthol. However, if you want to try another taste, we give you an option to try different flavors. Some of the popular flavors include traditional, menthol, chocolate, cherry, vanilla, strawberry, cola, coffee, morel and peppermint. You can get the e-cig cartridges of popular flavors in all sizes. Add to this, you can save a decent amount if you place order for bulk cartridges.

Check the pricing
Pricing for different e-cig cartridges vary, but at our website, you will get any e-cig cartridge at most competitive prices. In addition, you will save money, if you place a bulk order. Otherwise, you can buy a sample pack from a good company to check the flavor. Once you get the right flavor, you can save lots of money.

How long can you use an e-cigarette cartridge?
How long can you use an e-cig cartridge -is a question that most customers ask before they buy one. The length of its usage depends upon the model of the e-cigarette cartridge and how often it is used. Although there is no set formula, with experience, it can be said that if you smoke 20 traditional cigarettes a day, you would need 3-5 cartridges if you use e-cig.

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