RTSP Links 2019: List for Mobile TV and PC TV Streaming

যা যা জানতে পারবেন :

Watch Live TV via using this RTSP Links :

TEN Channels

Ten action – rtsp://

Ten Cricket – rtsp://

Ten Sports – rtsp://

TEN CRICKET: rtsp:// 

Star Channels

STAR PLUS: rtsp:// 

Star Plus HD – rtsp://

Star Sports 1 – rtsp://

STAR ONE: rtsp:// 

Sony Channels

SONY TV: rtsp:// 

SONY SAB TV: rtsp:// 

SONY SET MAX: rtsp:// 

Sony TV HD – rtsp://

Sony Six – rtsp://

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Zee Channels

ZEE TV: rtsp:// 

ZEE SMILE: rtsp:// 

Zee Classic – rtsp:// 

Zee marathi – rtsp://

Z-Etc  – rtsp://

Zing – rtsp:// 

ZING: rtsp:// 

ISLAMIC Channels

Al Quran – rtsp://

Gurbani TV – rtsp://

Hadi TV – rtsp://live3.haditv.com:1935/liveTrans/channel3_450k

Madni Channel – rtsp://dawateislami.tv:554/video

Peace TV – rtsp://peace.fms.visionip.tv/live/b2b-peace_asia-live-25f-4×3-sdh_1

India’s News Channels

Aaj Tak –  rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_4.sdp 

Times Now – rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_2.sdp 

Headlines today – rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_7.sdp 

Ndtv india –  rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_33.sdp 

Cnbc awaaz  – rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf1/cid_34.sdp

Cnbc Tv18 rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf0/cid_35.sdp

Cee business – rtsp:// 


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Bein Sports 1 – rtsp://

Bein Sports 11 – rtsp://

Bein Sports 12 – rtsp://

Bein Sports 2 – rtsp://

Bein Sports 3 – rtsp://

Bein Sports 4 – rtsp://

Bein Sports 5 – rtsp://

Bein Sports 6 – rtsp://

Bein Sports 7 – rtsp://

Bein Sports 8 – rtsp://

BT Sport 1 – rtsp://

BT Sport 2 – rtsp://

Espn UK – rtsp://

Euro Sport – rtsp://

Geo Super – rtsp://

NBA TV – rtsp://

NFL Network – rtsp://

Ptv Sports – rtsp://

Sky Sports 1 – rtsp://

Sky Sports 2 – rtsp://

Sky Sports 3 – rtsp://

Sky Sports 4 – rtsp://

Sports Net World – rtsp://

WWE – rtsp://

ABC USA – rtsp://

CBS USA – rtsp://

Cinemax – rtsp://

ESPN – rtsp://

ESPN 2 – rtsp://

Fox – rtsp://

Fx USA – rtsp://

HBO – rtsp://

MSNBC – rtsp://

MTV – rtsp://

NBC USA – rtsp://

Showtime – rtsp://

Starz – rtsp://

Syfy – rtsp://

TBS USA – rtsp://

TNT – rtsp://

USA Network – rtsp://

9XM: rtsp://ss4c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf2/cid_93.sdp 

B4U REAL MUSIC: rtsp:// 

ZOOM: rtsp:// 

NEO CRICKET: rtsp:// 

INDIA MUSIC: rtsp:// 

UTV STARS: rtsp://ss4c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf2/cid_19.sdp 

AAJ TAK: rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf2/cid_4.sdp 

NDTV INDIA: rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf2/cid_33.sdp 

CNBC AWAZ: rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf2/cid_34.sdp 

NDTV 24/7: rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf2/cid_29.sdp 

NDTV PROFIT: rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf2/cid_31.sdp 

NDTV GOOD TIMES: rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf2/cid_32.sdp 

CNBC TV18: rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf2/cid_35.sdp 

TIMES NOW: rtsp://ss1c6.idc.mundu.tv:554/prf2/cid_2.sdp 


B4U MUSIC: rtsp:// 

T SERIES TV: rtsp:// 

ZOOM TV: rtsp://cdn.m.yupptv.tv/liveorigin/zoomtv1 

MTV: rtsp:// 

9XM JHAKAS: rtsp:// 



COLORS TV: rtsp:// 

SAHARA ONE: rtsp:// 

FILMY: rtsp:// 

UTV MOVIES: rtsp:// 

UTV BINDASS: rtsp:// 

FIRANGI: rtsp:// 

India TV: rtsp://cdn.m.yupptv.tv/liveorigin/ndtvhindi9003 

INDIA TV: rtsp:// 

IBN 7: rtsp:// 


DELHI AAJ TAK: rtsp:// 

TEZ: rtsp:// 

RAJ MUSIX: rtsp:// 

DHOOM MUSIC: rtsp://cdn.m.yupptv.tv/liveorigin/dhoommusic9001 

DISNEY (HINDI): rtsp:// 

Cartoon Network: rtsp:// 

9XM: rtsp://

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