Necessity of Health care and insurance for a good life

Health care is composed of the entire process of proper diagnosis, respective treatments and also prevention of illness and diseases by staying fit physically as well as mentally. Tips for a good health are delivered by expert practitioners from the respective fields of pharmacy, medicine, nursing, dentistry and allied health services. The health system that is categorized by the United Nation International Standard Industrial Classification is to be based upon hospital activities of the territory. The system also includes assistance of yoga, other exercises, medical massage, music therapy, occupational therapy, chiropody, homeopathy, acupuncture and physiotherapy that would help one to be fit and fine and run their regular lives with higher enthusiasm and energy.

There exists a huge market of business in the medical sector that solely aims towards betterment of the health care services for humanity that are classified and acclaimed by bodies like Industry Classification Benchmark and Global Industry Classification Standard.

Health system research:

Enormous number of modern and effective drugs is being made these days that could cure diseases and require high cost surgeries or even other complex procedures. They are the results of extensive research and joint efforts of medicine, bio technology and other related professions that are sponsored by the respective national governments or other organisations.

In the comparisons of the amounts sponsored by the national governments Europe spends the large amount of €22.50 billion while United States of America spends €27.05 billion (as in the year 2006). These data and results enhance the
model of social health and disability that lets us to have a healthier planet to live in. The health system services are also aided from initiatives in the fields of AI for a better health assessment, which are clinically timely, useful, low burden and also built into standard procedures.
Health system financing:

The basic methods of health system funding are as:

• General taxation systems employed in municipality, state or country.
• Social or voluntary or private health insurance
• Out of pockets payment mechanisms
• Large amounts of donations to the health charity services and building awareness among people.

In maximum nations the ideal models of the health systems lie upon these fundamental points. These procedures are to be made sure to be efficient and transparent.

On the other hand, health insurance from private companies is also a fair step, which is basically a self-employed and well planned financial coverage system that takes care of the medical expenses of one in return of regular payments of premiums on a contractual basis. This setting up of a balanced insurance policy for one make one’s life less stressed since the medical expenses these days are very high as well the chances of getting incurred to various diseases are also going up. In today’s generation the probabilities have shifted from getting victimised by communicable diseases as in the past, to non-communicable and fatal diseases like cancer.


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